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Monday, August 16, 2004

I was right...

I still have brake problems with the truck. Seems I split the grease seal getting everything back together and now its leaking onto the caliper and making a mess. Dangitall anyway!

I discovered this latest problem while running to the parts store to exchange the clutch disc for the Tracker. The geriatric guy behind the counter finally figured out that the first one was packaged wrong, then he produced one from in the back that is the right diameter and has the correct splines. It took him two tries and he never produced a box for the part, so I'm pretty certain he was hunting through boxes until he found a suitable part.

So I guess tonight I try to get the Tracker back on the road so I can put the truck into the shop tomorrow. I'm not going to mess with the truck's brakes any longer. I've done brakes all my life with complete confidence but I think I'll leave the fixes to this problem to my Ford dealer. It kinda hurts my feelers to not do it myself but brakes are important, these parts are heavy and I just don't want to wrestle it any further.

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